We understand that when you buy or sell a home you're often prompted to do so because of a life transition. Whatever your motivation, we get that the real estate process is more than just the actual buying or selling of a home. After all, this is your home, the holder of your loved ones and most cherished memories. It's also likely one of your greatest assets. We get that, too.

Knowing this, we see our job as more than just helping you sign on the dotted line as a seller or buyer. Our team of experts, both individually and collectively, will work with you to make sure you understand the process from start to finish, that best practices are in place to ensure optimal results, that you are listened to, and that your unique needs are respected. In short, we plan on not only exceeding your expectations (that's a given), but in delighting and surprising you each step of the way.

We're able to continuously wow our clients partly because we are a high functioning team. We love working together, and our cohesiveness leads to a results-oriented, friendly, down to earth, spirited, and dynamic team (if we do say so ourselves) that is entirely at your disposal. We bring together our unique talents and years of expertise, as well as our individual strengths and passions, in order to expertly guide you through the process all the while providing extraordinary, highly personalized service.

The Monica Benavides Team is ready to work for YOU!